Thursday, 5 November 2015

AP Photos: Romania's Orthodox Church is target of protests

In this Oct. 24, 2015 picture, a priest blesses holy remains at the Romanian Patriarchy in Bucharest, Romania, during the Saint Dimitrie Bassarabov pilgrimage. The Romanian Orthodox Church, makes, according to media estimations and official fiscal records, the highest profit of all public institutions, mainly at five major annual pilgrimages from sales of religious items, like candles, a church monopoly, and people's donations. The Orthodox Church receives large state subsidies and church and profits are not taxed, with governments shy to challenge the influential institution's current status.
Protesters calling for an end to widespread corruption and better governance this week have turned their anger to the powerful and rich Romanian Orthodox Church in the wake of a nightclub fire which left more than 30 dead.
Public discontent with the church is at an all-time high after it failed to address an outpouring of national grief. Pressure is mounting for its financial privileges to be reviewed.